Women Shaving (Their Faces) – Yeah or Nah?

Ask a woman about her daily beauty routine, chances are some form of hair removal will be part of it. The first recorded history of women removing facial hair was by the ancient Egyptians. Historians state women used a method called sugaring which is like modern day waxing; in which a sticky substance was applied to the skin; a strip of cloth was pressed on top and quickly removed. Today, women have a wide variety of options available such as waxing, plucking with tweezers, sugaring, threading, using depositories and have electrolysis or laser treatments to remove excess facial hair. However, did you know recently there has been a tread of women shaving their faces?

I remember in my college days being shocked by my gynecologist’s suggestion to “just shave my face” when I scheduled a visit to see her concerning my abundance of facial hair. Flash forward to 2015 and you don’t have to venture very far online to find various style and beauty sites talking about this phenomenon. Various sites from Popsugar.com to New York Magazine’s online article from The Cut debate the issues concerning the pros and cons of this beauty trick. In fact, on Youtube, there is an instructional video on how to shave your face by Bachelor in Paradise’s Michelle Money.

You might be wondering what some of positive benefits of shaving your face may be.  Shaving your face is good for your skin; it helps exfoliate dead skin cells and brightens your complexion.  Shaving is also inexpensive. Michelle Money recommends using a special facial razor designed for women called Tinkle Razors. Yes, it has a stupid name but according to Amazon, it has received hundreds of 5 star reviews. A pack of three razors costs less than $4. If you are not into DIY, you can have a professional perform dermaplaning which involves swiping a blade in small strokes across your skin to remove hair and dead skin cells. This service will run you approximately $100 in the greater Raleigh, NC area.

According to the articles, there really are no negatives to a woman shaving her face. You need to reject the myth that your hair will grow back thicker or darker from shaving – it simply is not true. Shaving just cuts the hair level with the skin. It doesn’t change the chemical composition of the hair within the follicle so hairs will stay the same. You also have to wrap your mind around the concept of women shaving their face. Before you envision lathering up with Barbasol and going to town with your Venus razor, you might want to read up on what to do online. If your skin isn’t sensitive, you should leave your skin dry and use a single stainless steel razor with safety cover. Those with sensitive skin should plan to apply a thin layer of moisturizer before using the razor. Hair will continue to regrow and you can plan to shave again on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

As popular as this trend may be, I think I will be sitting this one out. With my family and work responsibilities, I am always looking for ways to shorten my beauty routine not add to it. In my twenties, I had my eyebrows professionally treated by an electrologist. I also had the hair on my upper lip and chin removed. Hair growth is caused by blood supply and hormones. I still occasionally have these areas touched up with electrolysis but for the most part, I like not having to deal with the hair on my face.

By Stacy Miller

Owner of Peak Electrolysis